Light 2

Thursday 12/6/2012  –  Category: Uncategorized

Light 2

Introducing Light 2, re-designed from the ground up. Now includes an adjustable brightness level and support for iPhone 5.

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  1. LED Light for iPhone 4 | JZ * LABS - the web experiment playground of jason ting Says:

    [...] UPDATE: All new version featuring adjustable brightness mode and support for iPhone 5! [...]

  2. Matt Ingram Says:

    New led flashlight app is buggy. When on fast strobe you can’t go back to change the flash, if you do it goes to a black screen :(

  3. Marc B. Says:

    I would really like the option of an in-app purchase to get rid of ads. I absolutely love the new version, and as a graphic designer myself, I really enjoy the great UI but personally ads are not my thing. This is why I would love to pay to have them removed. Great job.

  4. Niyas Nasirudeen Says:

    Just upgraded to the latest version on my iPhone 5. The app won’t start, crashes in a second or so. I love your app, so let me know if I can be of some help in giving debug info or logs etc.

  5. PAPPL Says:

    Hi, the app is the best app in the store. But one thing is missing: Please add german translation to the app, so Siri can start the application.
    Instead Light the app must be called “Licht” in AppStore Germany, Austria and Swizerland.
    Thanks a lot

  6. Peter Says:

    I have this App since the very beguining.
    Thanks for the hard work

    Any chance to have an option to toggle the screen to full White, or any chosen color ?

    Could Be a Nice feature

  7. Jason Says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I’ve responded individually. If you have any more questions, please email at

  8. L8on Says:

    Why haven’t the users who bought the paid version of this app received this update as well?

  9. Fred Says:

    Your new version seems to include in app purchase for removing ads but i’v never seen ads in light, is it normal ?
    Sorry for my English, i am from France

  10. Mark Says:

    Thanks for the app, love it, the look and especially dimmer feature.

    Wondered if there was a vanilla version that can go on my android??

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