LED Light for iPhone 4

Monday 06/28/2010  –  Category: Uncategorized

UPDATE: All new version featuring adjustable brightness mode and support for iPhone 5!

Introducing...LED Light for iPhone 4!

The iPhone 4 comes with a super bright LED for flash. Why not use it as a flashlight?

The app also includes an adjustable strobe light mode:

A video from a beta tester (thanks Michael!)

Update 7/7/10: The app has been approved!

Also, a free (iAd supported version) is available for download here.

Note: If the app stops working for some reason, try manually killing it from the multitasking menu or hard restarting your phone - I'm investigating why this happens for a future fix.

72 Responses to “LED Light for iPhone 4”

  1. Rob Says:

    I would love to test your flash light app if possible. I just got my iPhone 4 and a flash light was one of the first things that came to mind. Please get ahold of me robgonzales@me.com

  2. Joe Says:

    I would love to test the flashlight app as well. Just send an e-mail to AngeloSignorelli@gmail.com


  3. Like to try app Says:

    Love to try it. Will post about it on popular gadget forums. garagebattle@gmail.com. Thanks!

  4. Morgan Says:

    I would love to try out the app. This is something that i have been waiting for for a very long time. THANK YOU!!!

  5. Steve Says:

    I really like the strobe mode, can’t wait to see it in action.

  6. Mike Says:

    Hey would love to test it out on my iPhone 4 as well. Can even write a review of the app in a very popular site which I wont mention in the comments sections.

  7. David Pavel Says:

    I would like to beta test this as well and give you feedback. Thanks!

  8. Ryan Says:


    I would also love to test your app and give you some honest feedback. I know the editor to macdigest and will pass it along. You can reach me at ryan(at)thecramers.net

    Great Job on this. I can’t wait until it is released!


  9. Garrett Says:

    Would love to try this out. I actually need it too. About to leave on a trip. Please email me at gshuffield@me.com


  10. Ryan Says:

    I would love to test it for you! If you could send it to KL3DZ1K@gmail.com that would be awesome, thank you!

  11. Senor Chang Says:

    Hey, this things looks so cool!! Will you please send me the ad hoc version? thank you!


  12. Dante Says:

    Hey, I would be happy to test out your app and give you some feedback and a review. I could also promote it amongst my iPhone 4 friends, please email me at dantebrutyn@gmail.com


  13. Rob Says:

    I have be using “Light” it is GREAT. Its easy and very functional. I will and I will have all my friends buy this app. Great Job. If you need testing for any other apps just let me know I would be glad to do it. robgonzales@me.com

  14. Jan Says:

    I’d also like to try it out. plazmatykhides@gmail.com

  15. bill williams Says:

    I am so glad that somebody cracked this one. Sony Erickson has had this as standard software on their phones for a while, and NOKIA has finally come around too!
    Thanks for making this available to the APPLE community. Look forward to using it tonite!

  16. Casey Says:

    I’m interested in an adhoc build. Casey@mobilesquared.com

  17. Michael Says:

    I would LOVE to try this app out and feature it on our podcast! Cannot wait to install this!!!

  18. Matthew Murphy Says:

    I would like to test it as well. My email is mmurphmsu at aol dot com. Thanks

  19. Ethan S. Says:

    I would love to try this out. Please let me know what you’d need from me so I can test this out. Thanks!

  20. Jose D. Says:

    would love to give an honest review of your app…this is something the i4 needed. sent you an email via UDID sender. Thanks

  21. Matthew Says:

    I would also love to try your application! Trying to find one that has already been released in the app store but nothing.

    Email is Mlrollin91@aol.com

  22. Matthew Says:

    Honestly, this is the best application ever. I have been using it daily since I got it and cannot wait to get the official version once it is available in the app store!

  23. Vilma Ambach Says:

    I am so glad that somebody cracked this one. Sony Erickson has had this as standard software on their phones for a while, and NOKIA has finally come around too!Thanks for making this available to the APPLE community. Look forward to using it tonite!unklbyl

  24. LED Flashlight for iPhone 4 - TiPb iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums Says:

    [...] check out iAd and see if the returns it offers developers is really worth it. Original blog post: LED Light for iPhone 4 | JZ * LABS – the web experiment playground of jason ting 0.99 version: LED Light for iPhone 4 for iPhone 4 on the iTunes App Store Free version: [...]

  25. Marlin Says:

    Thanks for making an iAd version. Love this little app. I caught this one just in time. I know .99 isn’t much but free is always better.

  26. Nil Says:

    Great app. Well worth the $0.99.

  27. Deltawp Says:

    Probleme whith black screen on free and 0.99$ version have you planed an update ? Thanks

  28. L’abbaglio dell’arricchimento generalizzato con iAd | setteB.IT Says:

    [...] chi ha goduto di questa approvazione c’è JZ * LABS ed ha fatto sapere che l’integrazione di banner iAd ha già procurato un guadagno di eCPM di [...]

  29. Matt Says:

    Love the light app. That LED is bright and the strobe feature is nice for attention getting.

    If you are able to pulse the LED fast enough, you could pulse width modulate it and have an brightness control…… maybe a slider on the screen to dim/brighten the LED. That would also help battery life since you could run it at half brightness if you didn’t need full brightness.

  30. Tom Says:

    You could have an ‘SOS’ strobe, it may not be used very often, but imagine one person lost on a boat with an iPhone 4!

  31. App Store Developer Claims iAd Revenue Brings $1,400 in One Day - Best Cell Phone Deals - Cell Phones & PCs Says:

    [...] is reporting that iAd appears to be off to a boffo start for App Store developers, if Jason Ting is any indication. The small developer released data on his iAd revenue from the first day of sales [...]

  32. Chaz Says:

    Can the flashlight app ever adjust the amount of light? Or are the LEDs all or nothing?

    Keep up the good work!

  33. Jason Says:

    @chaz – The API only allows for on/off. I’m not sure if Apple will be updating it to control the intensity of the light in the future.

  34. Apple’s Huge iAd Payout | iCode Says:

    [...] reach through to developers as well. One developer, Jason Ting, said that his LED flashlight app (LED Light for iPhone 4), which is offered as an ad-supported free version, turned in $1372.20 of advertising revenue in [...]

  35. Matt Tucker Says:

    If you are able to turn the LED on/off at a few hundred Hertz or faster, then you can adjust the brightness with the duty cycle. The LED would still come on full brightness, but the eyes/brain would average it out.

  36. Andy Bastable Says:

    You really must add a button to allow the light to continually strobe SOS in morse code. I am a Search and Rescue pilot and can tell you that this app could save the lives of people lost at night – using NVG we could see the strobe from over a mile away! Do it – you could really make a difference. Andy

  37. David Says:

    I want to make a flashlight app for my summer school project, how do I go about to activate this feature in my iphone 4? It seems like a simple app to make for a summer course, can anyone point me in the right direction, what API do I have to read up on to make this app? Can anyone email me a sample code so I can study it please?

    Thanks for all your help
    David Holmes
    holmes2870 (@) yahoo.com

  38. Hoshua Says:

    Love the app. Would like to see another button that turns the light on only when you touch it, but turns off when you stop touching the screen. This would enable you to use the light for signaling or morse code.

  39. aaaxxx Says:

    Great and usefull App. Would be nice if you could implement a timer. So that the LED / App. closes itsself after a period of time.


  40. cshander Says:

    Love the app, tried to find the paid version, but it doesn’t seem to be on the app store anymore?

  41. Marie Says:


    Does the app turn off when the auto-lock kicks in?

  42. Drew Says:

    Since updating a couple days ago, the application doesn’t work at all. Any remedy?

  43. Jason Says:

    @cshander – I removed the paid version from the store because maintaining two versions of the app was going to be too much trouble. Since a few people have been asking for it, I’ve put it back on sale, but I won’t be updating it.

    @marie – The app disables auto-lock.

    @drew – Try force killing the app from the task switcher menu, or power cycle your phone…let me know if it works.

  44. Rahul Says:

    The app is excellent but the free ver got update to 1.2 and the paid ver is still 1.1 hope there is an update soon cos I really like the SOS feature. Good job though it’s nice and simple app.

  45. Jason Says:

    @drew: try killing the app from the task switcher. it that doesn’t work, try power cycling your phone.

  46. Albert Says:

    I bought the app today and now i see that the free version is getting some updates but the paying one no :(

    Would it be possible to update also the paying version? Or at least, removing it from the store in order to avoid confusion…i wouldn’t have bought it if had known there wouldn’t be updates!! I would really appreciate the SOS feature!

    Thanks :D


  47. Will Says:

    1) It seems a bit wrong to not provide updates for the people who DID pay for the app.
    2) Does everyone like the new settings symbol in the app? I find it takes away from the simplicity of the app. Wouldn’t it be better to have the options in settings, with another option of havin the options accessible from the app?
    3) I really like the app, I think it’s by far the beat flashlight app available in both aesthetics and functionality.

  48. Jason Says:

    @Will and @Albert: I’ve updated the paid version, look out for the update in the next week – thanks for your patience.

  49. Will Says:

    Thank you.

  50. IS Says:

    Glad to hear it about the paid version. I just paid for it to show you some love to what I believe is a wonderfully executed, simple app. I tell everyone I know about it.

    Please consider putting something in the description informing potential buyers of the lack of future updates. Will the forthcoming update for the paid version be the last?

  51. Benjamin Says:

    voila je viens d’acheter un iphone4 est je viens de me rendre compte que la led derrière le tel ne fonctionne pas

    a t’il une solution a celas ou dois-je faire une manipulation ??
    merci d’avance Benjamin
    mon adresse mail benji_elo18@hotmail.fr

  52. Spencer Says:

    Hi Jason-

    Good work on the app. Definitely agree w/ Will re: the form- best looking flashlight app out there.

    A new functionality suggestion: can you develop a way to use either the LED light (bright lighting) or the monitor “light” (low lighting)?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.


  53. Philip Says:

    Hi Jason,
    I’d love to use the app but can’t get it to work…the light simply won’t turn on. Have tried the flash and it seems to work. I’m using an Iphone 4 with the latest software installed. Thanks for your help.

  54. LED Light for iPhone 4 | igrudge.net Says:

    [...] Visit the official app site here [...]

  55. Jason Says:

    @Philip – Have you tried power-cycling your phone? That seems to have done the trick for some people.

  56. Wyatt Richardson Says:

    the great thing about LED light is that they do not generate lots of heat~~;

  57. Josh Borden Says:

    The app works well but the first version ( I guess 1.1) worked great. As soon as you hit the icon the LED would come on immediately. Since version 1.2, that adds other options to customize it takes about 2-3 seconds for LED to come on after LED light screen pops up. Can you fix this or just make other version available again. I just want LED to work. On and Off. Thanks. Otherwise good app.

  58. Nick Granville Says:

    Great app BUT mIne worked fine for a few days and now it will only flash. No continuous light possible. Any ideas?

  59. Hans Says:

    The app did work 2 times and not more

  60. fredlameche Says:

    your application is out of order with iOS 4.2 ! impossible to lauch the flash !

  61. Alan Lee Says:

    Nice App. What would make this exceptional would be the ability to type in letters/words/phrases & let the App convert it into Morse Code.

    You’ve already done ‘O’ & ‘S’, just another 24 letters and 10 numbers to go :)

  62. Dudley Says:

    What about hotel mode? set the app before bed and during the night just by moving or picking the iPhone the light is active, great to find the bathroom or in an emergency

  63. Joachim Says:

    Thankx a lot for this great app.

  64. Josh Says:

    Where did the app go? I can’t find it in the app store. Thanks.

  65. Jason Says:



    or search for “led light”

  66. DreuX Says:

    Just installed your app. Wondering what the sleep timer does?

  67. Jason Says:

    It will turn the light off automatically once the time interval has completed.

  68. Rob W Says:

    LED app has very good write ups, but when installed on my iPhone4 with iOS 5.1.1, i can’t get the light to switch on? Using camera, the flash works fine. Have tried a power cycle – still not working. Any ideas please?

  69. s- Says:

    Wonderful app! I purchased it without hesitation. I love the functional simplicity.

    HOWEVER, I have one request. Please please please please remove the data.flurry.com communication from the paid version. I understand the value of using analytics in a free app. However, for a paid version, I would much rather have a flashlight app that does not communicate device identification codes each time I run it…

    Thanks again for the outstanding app. I have recommended it specifically to several friends.

  70. Will Says:

    Is iOS 6/iPhone 5 and brightness control coming anytime soon?

  71. Rambo Says:

    Please update the really nice App for iOS 6/iPhone 5 display! :)

  72. Mazza Says:

    Hey is iPhone 5 support coming anytime soon?

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