Flickr Original for Safari 5!

Wednesday 06/9/2010  –  Category: Uncategorized

Safari 5 (released this week at WWDC) now supports browser extensions! So, I've ported my popular Flickr Original Firefox extension, you can give it a try here!

I found the extension development process to be much easier than Firefox, especially with testing. The Extension Builder is built in to Safari and makes it easy to edit your extension info and content items. You can also quickly reload the extension during testing and build when you're ready to publish.

(Protip: when testing, reload the plugin first, then refresh the page. That way the page will pick up the reloaded plugin.)

I found a few differences in the development between Safari and Firefox:

  • You need a Safari developer certificate to sign your extension
  • You have to host the extension on your own server (no extension gallery yet AFAIK)
  • Safari uses an event listener method of handling events (at least for context menu extensions)
  • No XUL, thank God!

Some similarities:

  • The browser checks for updates to the extension by checking an XML (.plist) file on your server
  • JS is mostly the same, except for Safari specific objects (to refer to browser window, etc)

Download Flickr Original for Safari 5

29 Responses to “Flickr Original for Safari 5!”

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  2. Samuel Says:

    I have something similar here, its FireFox only but open source if you wish to convert it. The video demonstrates the steps:

  3. bearbeitungstrupp Says:

    nice extension!
    But it would be great, if it renames the pictures to the flickr title or gives you the possibility to rename the pictures before saving to a folder of your choice… So maybe a option to display a dialog before saving would be nice for some people.

  4. Tuk Says:

    Hi Jason,

    that is a great extension, thanks!

    On my Mac it opens up the downloaded images in preview. Is it supposed to do that?

    Also, would it be possible to make the destination folder user-configurable? Now I have to drag the image from “Downloads” to my image folder.


  5. Stefan Says:

    Works great, thanks!

  6. Andrew Says:

    One major hiccup, if the photo has notes this extension doesn’t work. :/

  7. Jason Says:

    @andrew: if a photo has notes, try right clicking on an area of the photo without a note.

  8. Jason Says:

    @tuk: preview is the default program to open downloaded images. i can’t define which folder the images download to, you will have to change that in safari preferences.

  9. Jason Says:

    @bearbeitungstrupp: sorry, the extension downloads images straight from flickr so i can’t give the option to change the filename unless i create an external web service to handle it.

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  12. Abc Says:

    Great extension, there’s only one issue, it usually tries to open the big version (_b) and if it’s not available it goes to the normal one and it doesn’t try to use the original (_o) which apparently is unlocked in older photos. Example:

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  14. Jason Says:

    @abc: the user might have adjusted their settings to not allow original sizes for download (see in that case, the extension will try to download the next largest size available.

  15. Abc Says:

    @Jason: But older images don’t need the secret codes for original sizes. For example if you use the extension with this photo (uploaded in 2006):
    It will send you to the regular size but if you add _o to get the original one it works perfectly. I hope you can add this to the extension. Thanks

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  17. JC Says:

    I’m getting the following error:
    “Sorry, Flickr Original could not view/download this photo.”

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  28. Ava Davis Says:

    the thing that i like most about flicker is the resize feature-.`

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