Good Word Free

Wednesday 03/31/2010  –  Category: Uncategorized

After just over a month, Good Word has done pretty well!
The past couple weeks have been a lot quieter though, so I’ve decided to experiment by release a free, ad-supported version of the app to see how the revenue compares. I’ve chosen to go with Mobclix and will update this post with [...]

Firefox 3.6 Extension Updates

Sunday 03/28/2010  –  Category: Uncategorized

Sorry for the delay! I’ve finally gotten around to updating iPhoneSender, Prowler, and Flickr Original to Firefox 3.6.

iPhoneSender 1.0.4
Prowler 1.0.2
Flickr Original 1.0.5

Haml Autocompiler

Wednesday 03/24/2010  –  Category: Uncategorized

On a project at work I’ve been using Compass, a nice stylesheet authoring tool that uses Sass. It has a nice feature that autocompiles all your Sass files to CSS whenever they change.
Since I was using Haml in conjunction with Compass, I thought it would be nice to be able to do the same [...]

Good Word – now with definitions!

Friday 03/5/2010  –  Category: Uncategorized

Some folks have mentioned that Word With Friends already checks words, so why make Good Word? I created Good Word to scratch an itch: I wanted to quickly make sure a word was valid if it wasn’t my turn to play, and if it was my turn to make sure a word was valid [...]