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Friday 02/19/2010  –  Category: Uncategorized

I've been trying to integrate StoreKit for in-app purchases for a project at work. I opted to use Urban Airship because they provide a nice interface to upload content as well as a drop-in storefront interface.

Anyway, I was having no problems getting their sample client to work, but when I tried to integrate it into my app and purchase an item, I would get the message "Transaction Failed (0)", indicating an SKErrorUnknown error (thanks, Apple).

After hours of searching and emailing around for a solution, I finally realized that it must be something specific to my app. I discovered that my Info.plist file had a variable in the bundle version field that wasn't getting set. Apparently StoreKit needs an app's bundle version to work properly...changing it to "1.0" made it work!

Hopefully this will save someone from a few hours of frustration!

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  1. daniel Says:

    life saver!

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