iPhoneSender updated for Firefox 3.5

Monday 07/13/2009  –  Category: Uncategorized

If you haven't noticed, I've just gotten around to updating my extensions :)

Download iPhoneSender 1.0.3

Some new features in this version:

  • Default email address: you can now set a default address within Tools > iPhoneSender options. If you leave it blank it will prompt you for an email like before.
  • Custom subject: you can edit the subject line to anything you want.

With iPhone 3.0 push notifications, I'm thinking of adding an option to send the map link via Prowl. Prowl is a really neat iPhone app that forwards Growl messages to your iPhone as push notifications (that also get archived within the app). The nice thing is that they provide an API so you don't have to use it through it Growl--you can use the API to push a notification of whatever text you want.

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