Using getSelection() with content in frames

Sunday 12/28/2008  –  Category: Uncategorized

An iPhoneSender user recently reported a bug with the Safari bookmarklet not correctly grabbing the selection and suspected it was because the selected content was in frames.
After some digging around, it turns out he was right–if your selection is in a frame, the normal window.getSelection() method will return nothing; you’ll need to target the specific [...]

Follow Flickr Original on twitter for status updates
(UPDATE: Version 1.0.8 available!)
(UPDATE: Version 1.0.7 available!)
(UPDATE: Version 1.0.6 available!)
(UPDATE: Version 1.0.5 available!)
(UPDATE: Version 1.0.4 available!)

(UPDATE: New and improved version 1.0.3 available!)

(UPDATE: Firefox 3.5 version available!)
I  love Flickr, but sometimes their interface gets in the way and stuff takes more clicks that I’d like.  One thing I like [...]

My inbox was getting cluttered with work-related stuff, so I decided to push it to a separate Gmail account.  Now Gmail has a nifty “Forward all” feature for single conversations, but doesn’t provide a way to forward multiple conversations at one time.
After Googling for a bit, someone suggested using a mail client and IMAP.

Make sure [...]

swfobject error in IE and WordPress

Friday 12/5/2008  –  Category: Uncategorized

I ran into a minor annoyance today with a JS error popping up in IE:
‘J.parentNode’ is null or not an object
It turns out that a couple plugins that were active (nextgen-gallery and flash-video-player) were both including the swfobject.js in the header.  Solution: disable one of the plugins.  If you really need both plugins, the other [...]

Adium Top Words (part 2)

Wednesday 12/3/2008  –  Category: Uncategorized

I decided to use Shoes (a Ruby graphics toolkit) to create a GUI to make it easier so you don’t have to open terminal at all.
Try it!