1) Locate your maillog (usually in /var/log)
2) If you cat the file, you’ll get output something like:
Jan 27 01:19:28 145856-web1 postfix/smtp[8994]: DAA77A74568: to=, relay=none,
delay=388925, status=deferred (connect to noemail.org[]: Connection refused)
3) we want to check for “status=deferred” or “status=bounced”. we’ll do this with the grep command:
grep “status=bounced” /var/log/maillog [...]

Check your line endings!

Tuesday 01/22/2008  –  Category: Uncategorized

I had a problem with a file today that had a bunch of ^M breaks that was causing the class to not load correctly. if you ever run into a problem with a particular file, check your line endings!
“The different newline conventions often cause text files that have been
transferred between systems of different [...]