Import your Songza favorites into Rdio

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So you want to save your Songza favorites to Rdio? This will take a bit of legwork but it's possible with the following steps.

Basically, you will be getting your favorited data from Songza and converting it to a format that can be used by a service calledĀ re/spin that allows you to import tracksĀ into Rdio.

  1. Log into on the web.
  2. Find your user ID by clicking on your name and navigating to any of the subsections (Followers/Following/My Playlists/Settings). Your user ID is the number in the URL, e.g. 17601867 for the URL
  3. Copy the JSON from this URL, replacing "YOUR USER ID HERE" with the user ID from step 2: USER ID HERE/song-votes?vote=UP&limit=10000&offset=0
  4. Copy and paste the JSON into the following URL to get your data into XSPF format:
  5. Copy and paste the XML into a new gist by visiting and click "Create a public gist"
  6. Click the <> button to see the raw file and copy the URL.
  7. Finally, visit and authorize your Rdio account. Paste the URL from step 6 into the "by XSPF" field.

If you did this correctly, re/spin should display all your tracks. Now just name your playlist and click "Create Playlist"!

Note: re/spin may sometimes not find a particular track or may not pick the correct track if there are tracks with a similar name.

Light 2

Thursday 12/6/2012  –  Category: Uncategorized  –  10 Comments

Light 2

Introducing Light 2, re-designed from the ground up. Now includes an adjustable brightness level and support for iPhone 5.

Download from the App Store

Bugs? Questions? Comments? Email

I'm very excited to announce a new app: Solve Something, an image-based solver for the popular Draw Something game.

To use, take a screenshot of the Draw Something drawing you are trying to guess and import it into the app. That's all!

Download on the App Store

Marble Paint

Friday 02/4/2011  –  Category: Uncategorized  –  1 Comment

Who remembers marble painting as a kid?

As a fun experiment with HTML5 Canvas and iOS 4.2's accelerometer API, I made mobile version:

Just tilt your iOS around (make sure orientation is locked) and the marble will paint on the canvas. Also, you can pinch anywhere to save the image.

Check it out at:

EDIT: Bonus feature - if you are on an Apple laptop, try the link out in Chrome...

More Flickr Original Updates

Sunday 01/23/2011  –  Category: Uncategorized  –  14 Comments

I've updated Flickr Original for Firefox 4.0.x and Safari:
- Now works with photostream images (Flickr recently added spaceball.gif images over all photostream images).
- Selecting "Download" no longer opens a new tab.

Download Flickr Original 1.2 for Safari 5
Download Flickr Original 1.0.7 for Firefox

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